PVC Cap Forager

I have been so lazy in the foraging department lately, and I know that has to change. While looking through some ready-made options, I found one that I just knew I could make a version of! In fact, I made two!


Things you will need:


  • 4 3/4″ PVC Caps ($0.35 each)
  • about 4 feet of poly rope ($0.18/foot)
  • 2 willow coins ($0.60 each)
  • 2 plastic wheels ($0.15 each)
  • 9/64″ or 5/32″ drill bit
  • drill
  • scissors

Total material cost: $3.62, $1.81 per toy
Total time: 10 minutes

Step 1: Use your drill to put a hole in the center of each of your caps. I use a 9/64″ one for two reasons: 1) it is JUST big enough for poly rope to get through, making a tighter “seal” for whatever goodies I end up putting in them, and 2) I have no idea where my 5/32″ is! You will have an easier time if you use the 5/32″ one, I would think.


Step 2: Cut your Poly rope so that you have two 2-foot sections.

Step 3: Fold one of your pieces of poly rope in half, and make a knot so that you have a loop. This will be where you can add a quicklink later to hang the toy by.


Step 4: You should now have two strands connected by one central knot. On one of these strands, place your plastic wheels first, and then slide on the PVC cap. You should have something like this:


Step 5: Now, make a knot (I usually do a double) below the PVC cap.


Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other strand.


Step 7: That’s it! That’s one whole toy made! Now you can fill it with anything you want. Here is one of mine filled with a bit of Harrison’s Fine:

inside look

And hanging up:


To make your second one, just repeat all of the steps, using your willow coins and other set of caps.


You can use any combination of items, too! You could even use just a small piece of paper, or no cover at all, for a beginning forager. I like these wheels because they can still peer in to see what’s inside, and it’s relatively easy to lift the “lids” to get at what’s inside.


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