PVC and Chain Slider

While parrots need to be able to chew, it doesn’t hurt to have a few “indestructible” toys around! Something that entertains them in a different way. A toy I’ve known about for a while gave me some inspiration for this one.




Things you will need:

  • One 1/2″ PVC tee ($0.27 each)
  • 12″ of 2.0mm Nickel Plated, cut into two 6″ sections ($0.65/foot)
  • Four 20mm Nickel plated, unwelded O-rings ($0.10 each)
  • 1 small stainless steel eye screw ($0.99)
  • Some plastic rings, pacifiers, etc (varies – about $0.50 total)
  • Two pairs of pliers
  • A drill bit one size smaller than the thread on your eye screw
  • drill

Total material cost: $2.81 per toy
Total time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Drill a hole in the top of PVC Tee. You want this to be just a size smaller than your eye screw so you can screw it in. Mine was 7/32″


Step 2: Screw the eyescrew into the hole you’ve created.


Step 3: Open up one of the O-rings enough so that you can slide it through a link of the chain and put some plastic things on also. The best way to open O-rings is to watch this video from Jan at Blu’s Bird Toys.


Step 4: Close the O-ring back up. If you have ANY gap, please try to close it again, or start with a new O-ring. Birds can get their beaks stuck in gaps left in these!

Step 5: Place the other end of the chain through the side of the Tee, and feed it down through the bottom opening.


Step 6: Open another O-ring and place it through the last link of the chain and add your plastic pieces before closing again.


Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 to make it so you have chain running through the other side, and then through the bottom. So your end project should look like this:


Using O-rings that are larger than the opening in the PVC makes is so the parrot can tug at the chains every which way, but cannot pull it out off of the toy.

This will be one that I use outside of the cage. Too much exposed chain can be a safety risk, and I would hate to come home and find someone with their toe caught in it. Please remember that no toy is 100% safe!


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