Skewer Fillers: Introduction

What’s a skewer filler, exactly? The first time I remember hearing about them was on Avian Avenue when a member there, saroj12, brought the idea up to the vendors there. The idea is that it’s a small part of a toy that is made to be strung up onto a stainless steel skewer. It is a safer option that eliminates things that can pose potential threats to our birds such as loose ropes or chains. It also can be a good alternative for birds that quickly undo or snip through other toys. Aside from that, it’s a fun way to make toys that are easy to make and refill! Here are some examples of skewer fillers that Crystal over at Crystal’s Bird Toys makes:

Skewer Fillers

Apart, they are just small sections of toys made out of simple toy parts. But together:

Skewer Fillers Skewer Fillers

They transform into a fun toy that can be added to or changed around as needed!

Now that you’ve been introduced into the Wonderful World of Skewer Fillers, be on the lookout for ideas and instructions on how to make your own right here at Parrot 1-2-3!

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