Skewer Filler 1: Plastics

As promised last week, here is an idea for a skewer filler you can make at home! While most skewer fillers I’ve seen are made of destructible materials, I wanted to add some that would still be fun to play with, but longer lasting and offering something a bit different.

Skewer Filler 1

Skewer Refill 1

Things You Will Need:

– 1 Wacky Wheel ($0.30)
– 5 Pacifiers or other Plastic shapes ($0.08 each)
– 5 Nickel Plated O-Rings (3/4″; $0.22 each)
– 2 Pair of Pliers

Total Cost: $1.80 per 1 Skewer Refill
Total Time: About 5 minutes

Step 1: Open an O-ring (if you are unsure how, please use this video from Blu’s Bird Toys.) Slide one of your plastic items onto it and then feed it through one of the holes on your wacky wheel:

Skewer Filler 1

Step 2: Close the O-Ring.

Skewer Filler 1

Step 3: Follow steps 1 and 2 around the edges of the wacky wheel until you have used them all.

That’s it! It is ready to feed onto a skewer! You could make several of these to disperse among on skewer toy, adding lots of different shapes and textures to the toy. These will last almost forever for my birds who will just beak and shake them, but even for more destructive birds, they are worth the time and cost!

Skewer Filler 1


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