Skewer Filler 2: Balsa

Time for us to continue to fill our skewers! Today’s design is super simple: just some balsa blocks on a pine (or similar) base!

Skewer Filler 2

Skewer Filler 2

Things You Will Need:

  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Stringing Material/Rope (about 12″): $0.13 +/-
  • 4 pieces of balsa: $0.21 each
  • Base*: $0.27

Total Cost: $1.24
Total Time: Less than 5 minutes

*For the base, I am using a piece of Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys‘ wood. I don’t think it is pine…it is nice and chippable, but softer. Either way, my parrots love it, and the larger pieces make great bases! You can use whatever you have on hand though!

Step 1: Drill a couple of holes into your base. My base already had a hole through the center, so I just needed to add a couple to the sides. If you need to make a hole for the skewer, make sure it is wide enough to slide on!

Step 2: Put a knot into one end of your rope.

Skewer Filler 2

Step 3: Slide a balsa cube onto the rope.

Skewer Filler 2

Step 4: Feed your rope through your base so that the balsa is meeting it.

Skewer Filler 2

Step 4: Put another balsa cube onto the rope, so that you make a “sandwich” with the base.

Skewer Filler 2

Step 5: Knot the rope after the cube and cut it.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 through 5 on the other side to complete!

And it’s ready to be fed onto your skewer!¬†Aren’t these so fast and easy? You can make a few within no time, and then it’s just a matter of sliding them on.

Skewer Filler 2


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