DIY Refillable Hoop Swing


I made this refillable hoop swing recently for my pionus. I got many requests for a guide on how to make it, so here it goes. I will split the instructions into two posts.

The first step is to make the hoop. I used a 16″ nickel-plated ring and approximately 5 feet of 3/4″ rope from Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys. This allows for some extra length so you will have some to tie off. Leave extra at the ends if you want to use more beads.

You will also need some large beads. Make sure you get large enough ones that your bird cannot snap them, because they help hold the swing together. The thicker the rope, the larger the hole on your beads should be. You will also need a few zip ties.

I used the following videos to help me make my swing. Many thanks to Chandra, the creator of the videos, for allowing me to post them here. She’s using 1/2″ rope in the video.

At 3:55 in the following video, you can see how the beads are used to secure the rope. I recommend fitting as much rope into each bead as possible. I did not do that until the end and ended up using many more beads than necessary to secure the rope completely.

At this point, your hoop should look something like this:


In the next post, I will show you how I finished the swing!


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