Buy or Make: IGAW’s Wacky Woody

Do you ever look at a toy somewhere and think, “Geez, I could make that for a lot cheaper?” I certainly do! Sometimes the sticker shock makes me think I might be overpaying for an item if I buy it from a vendor.

Recently I decided to take on the challenge of making a version of the I Got a Woody Bird Toys’ “Wacky Woody” , specifically the Barrel Bead version. The toys look awesome; they are full of the chippable barrel beads that my Hahn’s covets so much. I tend to be a cheapskate, and the $35 to $40 price tag made me a bit dizzy. I happened to have the materials on hand, and set out today to see what really goes into this toy.

My results:


Materials used:

– 312 beads of various types, with a total cost of $15 to $20 on up.
– 25+ feet of poly rope, $3.25+, with over 78 knots
– Leather base: $3.50

Total cost:
$21.75 to $26.75 and possibly more depending!
Time: a little over an hour

Verdict? This toy has a justifiable cost. When looking at supplies alone, they would only be making a small margin of profit, and that is not including their time. Even if they paid themselves a meager $8 an hour for their time (which I hope they aren’t!), you’d be looking at a total investment of $29.75 on the low end for a $35 to $40 toy. Seems reasonable to me!

I say go ahead and buy it. Your fingers will thank you!

Do you have any toys you would like to put up “Buy or Make” to the challenge?


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