A New Judge Has Arrived!

After the escape of our green cheeked conure, Koopa, in May of this year, our poor quaker, Jingo, has been so lonely. He was screeching, dive bombing, biting, stealing food from the baby…a host of problems. I am not one to recommend getting a bird hoping bad behaviors go away, but he was miserable. We debated for a long time on who we wanted our new addition to be, from the species to gender to age to tame, etc.

Then we saw this post on Facebook:


My husband said no almost immediately. An untamed bird? A quaker? Is that really what we wanted? We decided no. We became interested in a cockatiel in Ann Arbor that we started to lay down the groundwork to work towards meeting and possibly adopting. As far as I knew, the quaker had been adopted.

We took a hiatus from the bird search to take in a foster cat for a while. A new cat and a new bird was not the kind of mix we were interested in handling! But, she found a home after recovering from her spay. We went back to casually looking for a new bird as Jingo’s loneliness grew. We had thought about keeping him as an only bird, because with an almost 1 year old running around, another bird might be more than we could handle. But it was evident that he needed a friend, and I was sure that the reason for his bad behavior was because we were not able to, were incapable of, meeting his vast social needs. We aren’t birds!

Then this popped up in my feed:


That little untame quaker! I thought about it in a new light. Did we really want or need another human-centric bird that would ask for more of the limited time we already had? No. Did we need to be able to handle the bird? Well, Jingo already doesn’t step up and we manage just fine with training. Our focus of getting another bird was for Jingo not for us, so why not give him the best possible chance of having a friend by getting him someone who would speak his language?

We agreed that since he was just 45 minutes away, we’d go and at least meet him. We learned little, save that age and gender is unknown, and that he seemed shy with new people but was evidently quite the talker, and eating seeds.

I’m so happy that we went.

We met Bobber just a little over 2 weeks ago and he’s been here just a week. In that time I’ve seen him (though I suspect our Bob might be a Bobbette! We’ll find out at the next vet appt) go from huddling around his food dish as if he was afraid it would disappear if he turned his back, to climbing all over his new flight cage and eating fresh foods and natural colored pellets. I’ve learned he loves bells (thanks, Avian Stainless!) and chewing on perches.

And as for Jingo? Watching the two of these birds navigate the uncertainty of a new relationship is so amazing. It really is like watching a successions of dates between humans. It’s both elegant and clumsy somehow. It’s as if they both want things to work but they are afraid of messing it up! Jingo has been such a gentleman and listens when Bobber says that he’s had enough, but in the same instance encourages his new friend to grow in confidence.


I am so happy that we brought Bobber home. I have a good feeling about these two!


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