I have been hoarding bird toy parts for a long time now. Well, I was going through stuff and thinking I could downsize, which I have done before, but never with any real gusto. I then thought about how much I enjoy making toys. My Quaker boys – whom I affectionately call “my little monsters” – really are particular about their toys, so they are kind of boring to make toys for.

That’s when I decided to open up my own bird toy shop.



Lil’ Monsters Bird Toys is still just getting started in our Etsy shop, but I wanted to share this news with you and get the word out! Right now I have about a dozen toys made up and ready to go. I am still getting into my rhythm and learning what people are interested in.  

If you have suggestions for me, please leave them here, or on my Facebook page. I would love any and all feedback I can get!


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