Making your own toys is great and all, but having some good ready made toys is nice too! Here are some of the vendors we love the most.


Lil Monsters Bird Toys

Yes, a shameless plug for my own store!


Tweety Pies Bird Toys

Inspired by I Got a Woody Bird Toys, who sadly are no longer in business, Tweety Pies is a close second. They have a wide variety of wood and natural based toys for all size ranges. United States based, they offer a Toy Box club for a toy surprise that arrives automatically to your door every month.



My Birdie Buddy

Who says toys have to be complicated? Designed by Kris Porter, these pine foraging blocks are fantastic for holding Nutriberries, almonds, or other treats, and they can be used as toy bases or on their own. The price is reasonable, making it easy to keep these on hand. United States based.

Avian Stainless

Avian Stainless

A sister company to Avian Organics, this vendor has fantastic stainless steel based toys. The attention to detail and safety is evident in every piece. They have a newsletter that announces their sales for both companies. Canadian based.



The Spunky Parrot

A newer bird toy vendor, but great service and adorable toys!


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