Skewer Fillers 3: Rope and Loop

By far the simplest way of making skewer fillers is to use a length of rope, make a loop  to slide onto the skewer, and fill with any matter of items.

Skewer Fillers

Step 1: Choose your rope. I primarily use poly rope. You can make it as long as you want, but shorter ropes are not only safer, but also are better suited for filling up a skewer. Note that in my example I am using about 12 inches of rope; the knots will take up a lot of that length.

Step 2: Tie a loop on one end of the rope. A smaller loop is safer (no heads or feet can get stuck). If you make it too big, then you also run the risk of it falling off the skewer as you fill it up with items.

(Need extra help making the loop? Check out the videos here.)

Make a Loop

Step 3: Load it up! You can use anything your bird likes. Smaller items that can’t normally fit on the skewer, such as beads, are perfect for this. Make sure to leave some room to make a knot later! In this example I am using 3 stars and 3 beads.


Step 4: Knot the end to complete the filler.


Step 5: Slide onto a skewer! For these I really like to use larger items or skewer fillers with a wood base inbetween. It makes your toy bulk up faster and provides space for your bird to chew all the pieces you worked so hard on! Here I used Mother Pluckin Bird Toys Mini Block Party blocks.


So simple, right? Of course, the cost of this particular project is going to vary widely based on what you choose to use.

Here are some more ideas for you:

1. Hardwood starbursts, barrel beads, and a pine wafer

2. Pine wafers and pony beads

3. Balsa blocks and slats

4. Tiny balsa pieces and hardwood beads

5. Pine wafers with MPBT avian wafers


6. Yucca slices, balsa block and crinkle paper

7. Balsa block, palm leaf, and beads

8. Yucca slices and barrel beads


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